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Miltec belt very resistant, offers a very resistant polymer buckle and does not contain metallic elements. The closure is low profile offering a unique comfort in this type of belts, it is reversible.


Spare set with 10 lacing tanks, with metal spring. They are suitable for blocking cords or laces, in backpacks or bags. It facilitates the operation.


5mm cord and 70 meters long multifunctional Miltec, can be used for many things, manufactured entirely with the tough Nylon material, supports a load of up to 100kg, can not be used for climbing.


Pack of 2 plastic carabiners Miltec brand, are very practical to attach boots, canteens etc to the backpack or to hold things that do not weigh much, is not suitable for climbing, climbing or ice climbing.


Sea To Summit airtight case, perfect for storing material such as phones, documents, cards, cameras ... etc, offers a double Velcro closure to prevent water entry spoils anything that we keep inside, lightweight and flexible


Multi-purpose fastening tapes from Sea To Summit, featuring nickel-plated zinc alloy buckles and a rubber protective pad. The tape has been updated to a new elastic strap retainer coordinated by color keeps the ties tightly rolled when not in use.

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Plastic support to be placed on the bottom of the stove container to increase stability. Fits all 100, 230 and 450 gr gas canisters and folds flat when not in use.


Robens Trace Mosquito Net, very easy to assemble and transport, fits all types of hammocks as it is universal.


Belt Fjallraven Canvas Brass, made of sturdy canvas that makes it very comfortable, the length is fully adjustable and a military buckle with brushed brass finish, offers a width of 4 cm, ideal for traveling or day to day.


Coleman Event Shelter awning offers a rounded and modern design, and will provide additional protection from the sun and summer rains. Coleman Event Shelter G Awning Perfect for gardens and outdoor parties, it covers 20.25 m2 of surface, and is easy to assemble and disassemble. Shipping costs from 16.55€ depending on location.