Anna Cassanyes

My parents taught my brothers and I to love the nature, to live it and respect it. When i was young i belonged to AEG Verge de Lluc-Jaume I, later i went with the GEM juveniles. Since then i didn’t stop enjoying the mountain, combining this with my other hobby that is music.
It’sbeen a long time since i joined the team of Intersport Kenia and i hope to continue being part of this Company together with my team mates that form a great team, always at the service of our costumers.

Miguel A. Portell

In the 80’s i started as a costumer of Intersport Kenia and in 2014 i joined to be a part of the Company.
A lover of supervival and primitive life, passionate of the nature, i use my free time to learn and to know more about our island.
When you plan your adventures i will try to advise you the best as i can.

Bàrbara Angel Morey

In 2006 I started at Intersport Kenia after many years of working at Almacenes Fuster.
That represents a new challenge, but with enthusiasm and support of my team mates it was easy.
I hope I can help in everything you need in the best posible way.

Sion Oliver Fortesa-Rei

Born in Palma in 1969, son of Nuria Fortesa-rei and Maties Oliver, founders of Esports Kenia in 1964 and passionates of the mountain and the nature of the hand of scouting, started practising hiking at a very young age with the company of his parents and then with the group of Scout Ramon Llull of Palma and later with Grupo Excursionista de Mallorca GEM, initiates caving and climbing, activities that he practises with passion more tan 15 years in diferents places in Mallorca, Pyrenees, Picos de Europa, Alps, Atlas, Andes and Alaska.

At tha age of 8 he began practising ski with the family and later on it becames his second passion, with time and accumulated experience he started with mountain skiing that allows him to climb up and down the top of the mountain with skiis, peaks like: Puig Mayor and Masanella in Mallorca, Posets, Aneto, Puigmal in Pyrenees, Tubkal in Atlas, Piz Buin in Alps or crossing Sant Moritz – Davos Switzerland or La Silvereta Switzerland.

Currently he is the manager of Esports Kenia.