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Designed for classic mountaineering, the SUMMIT ice axe offers an excellent balance between price and performance. It is lightweight and offers good anchoring performance of both the head and the spike; it is curved to offer necessary clearance for steep ice; it can be used in piolet-canne or piolet-rampe mode as well as in piolet-traction mode on short, steep sections.

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Ultralight ice ax Ride model, with excellent performance for glaciers or terrains with snow, with a design and very careful finishes. It provides anchoring quality in hard snow and ice thanks to the steel blade that guarantees safety and great durability. It is provided with an anodized aluminum handle with a machined grip area to provide excellent support.


The Black Diamond Raven is our classic mountaineer ice axe that has been used in classic ascensions around the world for decades. The aluminum shaft withstands high pressure and its stainless steel peak molded by the reversing for a safe self-stopping, dual-density grip.


Black Diamond Contact crampons, ideal for mountaineers and skiers. Its stainless steel construction doesn’t oxidize and prevents environmentally toxic coatings that wera out in tha mountains. The compact 10 point design makes it easy to walk, while the quick fix system accomodates almost any footwear. ABS plates included. Strap model. Contains 10 tips.


Crampons for technical mountaineering, with LEVERLOCK UNIVERSEL fixation. The T-shaped front tips allow good penetration in hard ice and good comfort in mixed terrain, while offering good stability in snow.

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The long flexible central bars of Black Diamond allows you to adjust your crampons to fit in larger boots. The extra-large central spring steel bar is compatible with all crampons. They are sold in pairs.


Black Diamond ice ax protector, fits perfectly and serves for almost all ice axes.


Petzl Vasak crampons, has 12 points and a design of classic conception but adapted to the new times. It is a medium-performance model for glacier walking and classic ascents on snow and ice that do not require a highly technical climb, they are equipped with the LeverLock Universel system, which is the classic semi-automatic and automatic locking fixation.


The Fakir classic is a semi-rigid crampon straps, with 12 tips, very versatile, ideal for glacier traverses and classic mountaineering. Its classic adjustment system with straps allows easy adaptation to any type of trekking boots, and its rubber antiboot, prevents the creation of snow clogs, are made of high quality steel with increased resistance.


Weighing only 790 grams per pair, IRVIS 10-point crampons are perfect for glacier touring, ski mountaineering, and approaches on snow or ice. They are highly appreciated for their light weight and ease of use in all conditions. These crampons, in two binding versions, adapt to most boots, even without flanges. Solid and easy to adjust. 


It is a lightweight ice axe for use in technical mountaineering. Its efficiency combines the advantages of both a traditional ice axe and an advanced technical tool.

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VENOM Black Diamond technical ice axe for multi-purpose use: easily adapts to all climbs from classic to technical mountaineering.