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Roller metal ladder Faders, made of galvanized steel, very resistant and compact, steps 20 cm wide and a total of 10 m long ideal for use in speleology, rescue, rescue ... etc


Beal Cobra II Golden dry rope, the classic par excellence in adventure terrain. Its light weight and soft touch are highly appreciated on long routes, in climbing schools and in mountaineering. Technical and robust to withstand the toughest efforts, it is now even more so by incorporating all the advantages of Unicore technology.


Petzl Conga 8 mm diameter lanyard. Designed for the installation of handrails during mountain excursions. The lanyard is semi-static, so it should not be used for fall arrest, such as in climbing or mountaineering.


Tendon's Smartlite rope is perfect for any level of climber. Thanks to its 9.8mm it is a very balanced and durable rope. The perfect combination for every climber. The Smartlite is a manageable and comfortable rope for both belayers and climbers and offers a very good balance between diameter and weight for a rope in this range.


By far one of the best climbing pieces ever. Excellent price / performance ratio. 


This rope is for both beginners and ambitious climbers looking for outdoor and indoor climbing.   


The Tendon Smartlite Standard 9.5mm 100 meter rope is a versatile rope with a very good balance between weight and performance.


Maximum level of rope protection against water and abrasion. Achieved using the new progressive NANOTECHNOLOGY method.