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The perfect bottle that fits bike cages, exercise machines and backpack pockets. No fussy top to pull or bite - simply squeeze and the water comes out of the self sealing valve. Twist the top and the Draft becomes totally leak-proof so you can toss it in your gym bag without soaking your gear.  It guaranteeed for life


We know that your kid’s Sippy Cup has to meet a unique set of variables. Like, it has to endure frequent stair tumbles, can’t stink, and absolutely cannot leak milk on the microsuede. Good news, parents: the Grip-N-Gulp passed the toddler test with flying (kid-loving) colors.  It guaranteeed for life

Meet the water bottle that’s as nimble as you are. Pivot the straw to sip or unscrew the loop top to gulp. Take off the cap and toss in ice cubes, electrolyte powder, lemon wedges—whatever—and you’re good to go. Another essential feature: its leak-proof lock, so you can toss it in your bag with total confidence. It guaranteeed for life


Hydrate on the go with the Nalgene Wide Mouth Bottle. With this reusable water bottle you get a tank for 16 ounces of hot or cold liquid goodness. Take this Nalgene everywhere with you from the rock wall to the break room. This odor-resistant, leak proof sport water bottle can take hit and still look photo shoot fresh. It guaranteeed for life


The N-Gen bottle's slim, graduated profile makes it easy and comfortable to hold, while its extra-rugged co-polyester material stands up to extremes of all kinds. Its detached cap features a handy loop that's easily grabbed by fingers, caribiners or backpack clips. It guaranteeed for life


Nalgene Wide Mouth 16 oz bottles are made with super tough polycarbonate and come in your favorite color. They have an attached leak proof screw top that cannot get lost or left behind. It guaranteeed for life


For our adventuring prodigies, there’s the Kids OTF. It features everything that’s made its grown-up version wildly popular (one-handed opening, leak-proof design, durability, odor resistance), but its 12-ounce size is more manageable for little hands and thirsts. It’s carabineer friendly, too, so hook it to their backpack or your daypack, and get out there.


When space is tight and bulk is bad, consider the Flask. Like its namesake, the Flask’s slender, lightweight design makes it ideal for pockets, handbags, and chest waders. It’s leakproof, too, so you don’t have to worry about leaks.

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New 600ml Soft Flask bottle/filter. Thanks to its built-in filter, this product filters 99.9% of the bacteria in the water and also 99.9% of protozoa. Take it anywhere camping, trekking, cycling and enjoy of safe drinking water.


Water desinfectant tablets, ideal for vacations and trips. Micropur Classic inactivates bacteria in tanks and water containers. Keeps the water free of germs, algae and odors. Ions preserve water for up to 6 months. It can be use in plastic or glass. Contents 100 tablets.


With these tablets you will get a fast and effective desinfection of water. Thanks to the combination of ion technology with chlorine. It’a an indispensable complement for any traveler or adventurer, since it allows you to use contaminated water for drinking, cooking, etc. For messy water, it’s recomended to use it along with a filter.


We want an easy and simple way for you to hydrate well, that’s why we developed our 3-litre shape-shift high capacity. It is extremely durable, fully reversible for easy cleaning. Its material does not retain flavours or odors.


The Stow™ 1Lis ideal for activities such as hiking, climbing, etc. Its mouthpiece allows you to drink without spilling, lightweight, easy to store and its handle makes it more comfortable to carry. Perfecto combination between efficiency and comfort. Made with very resistant TPU.


SpeedCup is the quick and easy solution; whether you're racing in the rocky mountains or backpacking in the Himalayas. It's lightweight, easy to hold, reusable and foldable so you can tuck it almost anywhere.


Super lightweight and foldable cup from Salomon brand, manufactured to hydrate during long distance or ultra distance races, with a capacity of 150 ml and can be stored in a pocket, it has a fastening ring, easy and quick to use, the time we protect the environment avoiding leaving plastic waste.


Hydration tube adaptable to any bottle, comes with two plugs, can also purchase more measures, can be placed next to the bottle in the backpack, bicycles etc .., baby without having to use their hands. It incorporates a nozzle, single direction valve, 30 mm cap. Adapter cover 28 mm to cover 30 mm, Tube 1m, hose clip.


New 1000ml Soft Flask bottler/filter. Thanks to its built-in filter, this product filters 99.9% of bacteria in the water and 99.9% of protozoa. Take it wherever you want camping, trekking, cycling and enjoy of drinking water.


Steripen Ultra is the ultimate in water purifiers, in just 48 seconds you can enjoy drinking water anywhere, convert clean water by destroying 99.99% of protozoa (including Giardia and Cryptosporidia), bacteria and even viruses
SteriPEN protects it from the risks caused by botulism, cholera, dysentery and typhoid, just to name a few.


The SteriPEN® Classic 3 purifier is elegant and ergonomic, with an easy-to-separate lamp cover. Like all SteriPEN® purifiers, the Classic model is very easy to use, you just have to separate the lid of the ultraviolet lamp, press the activation button, submerge it in water and remove. In 48 seconds you have half a liter of purified water, and a liter in 90 seconds.


Whether you want to have fresh water throughout the day or take 2 liters of hot water in your outings to the mountain the Seeker of Hydrapack is your best choice, light. compact and very functional, and also compatible with the Katadyn free filter and thus be able to drink drinking water almost anywhere.


Katadyn Free filter, an excellent product thanks to its built-in filter. It filters 99.9% of the bacteria that’s in the water and also 99.9% of protozoa. Take it wherever you want, camping, trekking, cycling and enjoy drinking water.


Outwell Calera bottle, offers a volume of 800 ml to carry your favorite drink anywhere, has a hermetic closure with a retro style, made of stainless steel does not absorb odors or flavors and ensures its natural flavor.


Desalinizador de emergencia manual Survivor 06 ls de kATADYN es el más pequeño del mundo. Compacto y liviano con solo 1,13 kg. Hemos diseñado este producto con material duradero para que sea confiable y duradero. La membrana de agua de mar elimina las sales disueltas, los virus y las bacterias y está aprobada por la FDA de EE. UU.


Outwell Remington Vacuum Flask Thermos in size L, offers an elegant and classic design in stainless steel. It is exceptionally easy to use and can be used for hot or cold beverages, it does not retain odors or flavors.

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The Hydrapak Flux 1.5 L bottle is now more flexible. Shaped like a hard bottle, it compresses like a soft flask and reduces weight by 60 percent. It has a spill-proof twist-off cap to hydrate at ease, plus a strap to keep hydration secure in your hand or backpack. With a large fold for easy backpacking.


Termo 360è d'1 litre. La construcció aïllada al buit de doble paret evita que s'acumuli condensació en l'exterior de l'ampolla mentre manté les begudes calentes durant 24 hores i fredes durant 12 hores. Fet d'acer inoxidable 18/8 d'alta qualitat, és súper durador, 100% apte per a ús alimentari, inodor i sense BPA.


With 750 ml pour top, 360 degree vacuum insulated thermos, you can enjoy your favorite beverages almost anywhere, hot or cold. This reliable travel companion fits in most cup holders and backpack side pockets, making it the perfect container for soup, coffee and cold beverages.

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Katadyn Befree Tactical 1 liter water filter. Whether you are interested in survival activities, forest hunting, hunting or outdoor activities. Its larger volume allows for lightweight carrying of drinking water on longer trips, whether trekking or traveling, where there are no water sources.


The Salomon Soft Flask 500 ml Standard with XA Filter and 42 mm cap is suitable for longer expeditions, for example ultra endurance races. The Salomon XA Filter filters out bacteria and protozoa from natural water sources so you can drink from them easily, without worry and without having to carry too much water. 


The Salomon Active bottle, with a minimalist design, soft, adjustable strap and wider cap, makes drinking easy, spills nothing and shrinks as you drink to keep the water moving just enough.


Titanium Mug is an ultralight tourist mug that will be perfect for trekking, camping and camping, with a capacity of 450 ml and a weight of only 62 gr.


The 360 Degrees Large 475 ml thermos mug is designed to keep your beverages hot or cold during your days at the office and your mountain getaways. This thermos mug is BPA free, so it does not absorb flavors or odors and allows for a wide variety of different beverages. Its small size makes it easy to use and transport.

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Durable and lightweight, with built-in foam insulation, this simple yet innovative tube helps keep water cooler even in the hottest temperatures. The kit includes a 36" TPU tube, Blaster valve with dust cover and our Plug-N-Play connector.


The 2L Soft Reservoir provides the optimal supply of fluids and energy for when you're on the go. When you drink it, it gets smaller to prevent the water from sliding too far forward and backward. The drinking reservoir offers a combination of flexible materials and an additional gripping surface on the slider for optimal comfort.

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The 1.5L Soft Reservoir provides the optimal supply of fluids and energy for when you're on the go. When you drink it, it gets smaller to prevent the water from sliding too far forward and backward. The drinking reservoir offers a combination of flexible materials and an additional gripping surface on the slider for optimal comfort.