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Gaiters cutting high ideals for trekking to cover the top of your shoes and legs to protect the lower shin area and the shoes against moisture, rocks, and dirt. A hook attached to the shoe on the back of the tongue and an adjustable elastic strap extends under the sole for a perfect fit and safety.

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Black Diamond mountaineering gaiters, manufactured to prevent ice and moisture during ice climbing, Black Diamond Frontpoint offers a full height design with waterproof upper of breathable GORE-TEX of two layers and one, the bottom is nylon ballistic, maximum protection with little weight.


Nikwax cleanser and deodorant for all types of sandals whether leather, fabric, cork or rubber, thanks to its benefits prolongs the life of sandals, eliminates odors and refreshes, can also be used in templates, not to use in waterproof shoes. Package of 125ml


Gel cleans shoes of the brand Nikwax, safe for all waterproof sports shoes and outdoor activities. It comes with a small sponge on top to apply the product. Clean safely, revitalizes breathability and water repellency.


Millet protective leggings, designed with high cut for modern mountaineering, ice, snow and mixed, but also for hiking or trekking. The sub-foot support cable is made of high gauge tested for its alpine versatility. Adaptability to all mountain shoes.


Low cut Millet gaiter for use in mountaineering or trekking. Fits all hiking boots. Protect yourself from snow, water and dust during your summer alpine hikes with these short stretch leggings that fit easily, in no time, thanks to their zippered opening and stirrup cable, which you can change when worn.


Hiking Insole insoles keep your feet comfortable and protected kilometer after kilometer. These durable insoles incorporate gel cushioning to maximize energy return, shock absorption and support, as well as a cushioned arch for additional circulation. The snug design also makes these insoles suitable for all sneakers.


Millet High Route gaiter, compatible with most of the boots on the market. They are made of durable and lightweight 420D Nylon fabric. The upper part has an elastic part for a better fit. It has a zipper on the front for opening and lower plastic strap to hold under the boot.


Salomon Quicklace replacement laces, very easy to attach to shoes. With the patented Quick-Lace lacing system, suitable for all Salomon shoes and sports shoes. One size fits all.