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Perfect to prepare something hot anywhere and anytime. The gas stove Jetboil flash with the canister included is an all in one, it includes the burner and a 1 litre canister. A small tripod will give more stability to the cartridge (cartridge not included).


Jetboil offers a simple and easy to use cooking system, it offers the same FluxRing® technology like the top range system without the frills. With Jetboil Zip you can provide hot food and drinks quickly and conveniently when you want them the most. Compact and lightweight, ideal for outings of several days. Cartridge not included. 

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Gas stove with the canister included. All in one, it includes the burner and a 1 litre canister. It also includes a small tripod that gives more stability. Provides low intensity fire control, metal handles and a spoon. Heat quickly your foods or drinks.


The lightest stove of GoSystem. An ultra-light stove made of titanium, weighing only 50 gr with precision flame control. The folding serrated saucepan holder avoids the sliding of the pot. Safe connection to EN417 gas cartridge.


Stainless steel windshield for burners with hose and separate charge from the burner. Foldable in 3 parts with hinges and grooves to attach to the legs of the stove.


On the beach or in the park, at the open-air concert or on the roof garden: There may be preferred seasons for grilling, but it’s not restricted to special venues.


This alcohol burner is the ideal companion for adventure trips and expeditions.

It can be used in connection with different equipment and has a leak-proof screw top with rubber seal, as well as a flame regulator with a fold-away handle for easy use.


This shapely, stainless steel coffee maker for being out and about has a breeze of nostalgia. It is a beautiful and practical tool for coffee aficionados, making coffee into a ritual.


Ultralight, very small, extremely practical and well thought out:

The three side walls of this stove can be put together quickly and easily as required and subsequently disassembled and stored to save space.

Suitable for use with Esbit 14 g solid fuel tablets. Also suitable for Esbit Alcohol burner, AB300BR. The stove can be transported using the supplied nylon bag with belt loop



This pocket stove, made of electrolytic galvanized steel, is suitable for cups, pots and pans and ideal for a quick cup of tea or a snack in-between meals. Its tiny format makes it a lightweight trip companion, which is easily stowed in the pocket. 2 cooking positions. Supplied with 6 solid fuel tablets, each 14 g, 


Outwell Olida stove, offers a combination of flexible steel braided hoses with automatic shut-off and small, practical gas cartridges be an unbeatable combination. The stove features individually controlled burners, plastic feet for stability, automatic piezo ignition and windshield protection.


Outwell Appetizer 1-flame stove uses small, convenient gas cartridges and flexible hoses for versatile use, perfect for camping, beach or picnics. Lightweight Appetizer models offer fast, efficient cooking on single and double stainless steel burner designs with large pot holders and precise control knobs.



Robens cooker model Firefly, offers a powerful and lightweight 2200W burner. Weighs only 84 grams and is one of the best value for money cookers, it is stored in a small case.


Connect and lock the 0.5 l pot to the burner with one simple movement. The piezo igniter lights the stove at the push of a button so you can boil water quickly. The laminar flow burner is extremely compact and puts out a 4500 BTU (1500 W) flame, boiling 0.5 l of water in less than three minutes for a quieter cooking experience.


The larger Easy Camp Venture Burner gas stove allows you to cook safely in larger pots and pans. It adapts directly to the gas cartridge using it as a base. Includes carrying bag.