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The model of tent Alpha 4 of Mckinley is the most recommended tent for all those that look for a tent of familiar camping of 4 squares to use during the summer. In a lot of space so much to the two rooms as a the part of in front. Cool, comfortable and easy to mount will be your home during your holidays.


This is the parasol in shape of iglú ideal for gaudir a day of beach comfortably, protected of the only and of the air. Very light (does not arrive to the 2 kg) easy to mount and of traginar. His building with the lateral perforats allow an optimum inner ventilation and his door of the last ensures one sweats running of air in the moments of more heat.

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Poncho Sea To Summit Nylon Trp, incorporates a hood built in three panels that offers a wide opening for comfort of use and with a size sufficient to accommodate a large backpack under it. This poncho from Sea To Summit also offers the possibility of using it as an awning to form a shelter for one or two people.

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Minimalist Black Diamond Twilight bivy, four-season bivy cover is made of water-resistant, breathable NanoShield fabric that keeps weight to a minimum and folds up incredibly small, making it ideal for an emergency shelter or as a sleeping bag cover. Constructed with a zippered entry through the shoulders.


The new The North Face bivy cover is very minimalist, the Assault FUTURELIGHT™ Bivy features a tapered design to reduce weight and ultralight internal poles that give you more breathing room during the night, enjoy your bivy in ultimate comfort.


The combination of the dome style and short cross ridge pole offers flexible living, cooking and storage space with excellent internal height and width allowing two occupants to sit side by side. Twin doors allow each camper easy access and options in door opening to protect from wind and provide cross ventilation.


Coleman Event Shelter awning offers a rounded and modern design, and will provide additional protection from the sun and summer rains. Coleman Event Shelter G Awning Perfect for gardens and outdoor parties, it covers 20.25 m2 of surface, and is easy to assemble and disassemble. Shipping costs from 16.55€ depending on location.


Las ventilaciones múltiples y la puerta de malla permiten que el aire fluya mientras se mantienen alejados los insectos.


The Easy Camp Quasar 300 tent is perfect to take with you on your outdoor adventures, such as camping, hiking, etc.


This lightweight, compact tent is designed to make solo camping easier than ever.


It has waterproof windows and ventilation slits at the main entrance, which are also located at the rear of the tent to allow sufficient air circulation.


The Meteor 200 offers good headroom and living space, plus a porch for storage. Two ventilation holes in the apex aid ventilation.




Outwell tents are made of high quality, lightweight and resistant materials.


Easy to assemble and disassemble, the universal canopy is adjustable with Velcro and two poles, it will protect you from the sun and rain.