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The lightweight Mighty Lite lamp with a power of up to 50W. Cover with a perforated mesh of solid stainless steel, guaranteeing the transmission of light; automatic ignition. Includes carrying case and handle for transportation.


The Petzl MYO 3 headlamp has two light sources. The first uses three LEDs to optimize proximity lighting and long burn time. The second uses a xenon halogen bulb to provide long-range lighting.

€41.97 €59.96 -30%

Black Diamond Revolt headlamp, 300 lumens of power, versatile and rechargeable. Indicates the state of the battery and works with 3 normal or rechargeable AAA batteries. It allows to adjust the light thanks to its different modes. Also counts with brightness memory and offers IPX8 waterproofness.


Ninox 2X is a new companion to the already popular Ninox 2, featuring the unique combination of being rechargeable and completely waterproof to IPX7. Just like the entire outdoor headlamp range, Ninox 2X is made to withstand the thoughest of conditions.


Frontal Petzl Bini, with a power of 200 lumens this small flashlight will be a great companion in your outdoor activities during the hours without light, ultralight only weighs 35 grams, is rechargeable via USB, offers a thin and fast-setting tape.


New lamp for camping or for outings of several days, ideal for cooking, picking etc .. without natural light, it can also serve us to read in the tent, it comes equipped with folding legs that reduce its size, offers a power of 250 lumens with bright light, without reflections and fully adjustable.


Goal Zero Crush Light folding lamp, takes up little space thanks to it can be easily folded, has a handle on the top so that it can be hung anywhere, offers a solar panel also up that can be recharged with sunlight or USB , its 60 lumens can be used in light levels.

€38.50 €54.99 -30%

Black Diamond Storm 375 headlamp offers a robust waterproof cassing/ dustproof housing and 375 lumens of bright light, it is more ergonomic, and the updated user interface includes a secondary switch for easy mode selection. It also has three night vision modes of different colors and peripheral white lighting for short-range activities.


Bright USB Golazero bulb with 110 lumens and folding diffuser for flashlight or area light. LED light that fits perfectly with any Goal Zero charger, can be chained with up to 4 lights. Carabiner included for hanging. Additional color tones can be purchased to add ambient lighting.


Petzl IKO Core front, offers a power of 500 Lumens and adapts to all the brand's helmets, the AirFit tape integrates an ultra-thin front block with a power source shifted to the back, this front is balanced and comfortable to the about to forget about it. The multiple LEDs allow a homogeneous distribution of the lighting for optimal visual comfort.


Goalzero rechargeable flashlight, rechargeable USB, acts as a flashlight and charger, an all-in-one solution for one when we need an urgent charge, perfect for the bag or backpack. It charges from any USB port and pairs perfectly with Goal Zero Nomad solar panels.


Goalzero takes a step forward with the improved Lighthouse 600, adapts to illuminate any situation; Perfect for camping, outdoor events or for an emergency, it offers an internal lithium battery, the Lighthouse even works as an external battery to charge phones and small USB devices, highlights the directional and adjustable LED light.


New Golazero Torch 500 Flashlight, With an IP67 rating, the new Torch 500 is built to withstand the elements. Designed for multi-functional use, the torch features 500 lumens of bright LED light scattered in reflector and reflector options. Recharge from the sun with the built-in solar panel or from USB, and charge your phone with the augmented 5200 mAh battery.


Sprinter 500 headlamp, designed for early morning urban runs to nighttime mountain adventures. Ultra-thin and well-balanced, the Sprinter 500 now boasts nearly twice as many lumens as previous versions, emitting 500 lumens at the light's most powerful setting.


The new BD 1500 rechargeable battery is compatible with all BD Dual Fuel headlamps and flashlights. The BD 1500 battery comes with a USB charger and is a 1500 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion cell, giving you the freedom of a reliable light that you can use over and over again while running, climbing and hiking in the mountains.


If you want versatile performance and functionality from your headlamp, but are looking for a compact and lightweight size, the Black Diamond Spot 400-R headlamp is your choice, its 400 lumens will give you the light you need when it's nighttime in a cave, waterproof tested to be at least 1.0 meter underwater for 30 minutes.


The new Black Diamond Astro 300 headlamp is more ergonomic and has a lower profile for better balance. Plus, the updated optical efficiency not only provides brighter light at 300 lumens. The Astro's dimming and strobe modes allow you to customize the illumination to your needs, and the highly weather-resistant housing.


The NEO9R is the absolute powerhouse among trail running headlamps. Whether off-road, uphill or downhill, thanks to its extreme power and endurance. The superior brightness ensures precise illumination from near and far in all situations. The replaceable, especially powerful battery with integrated backlight is located on the back of the head.


Your NEO headlamp is your companion on the way to the finish line, whether you're running on or off the trail, skateboarding, parkouring or other action sports where customized lighting is essential. From the perfect light image and intelligent lighting functions to the weight, size and sophisticated details, NEO is thought out in every detail.


ACTIK® headlamp with rechargeable battery, ideal for prolonging your dynamic outdoor activities.


Powerful, easy-to-use headlamp with red illumination. 450 lumens


Headlamp ideal for observations in the natural environment (hunting, fishing, nature and fauna observations...).


With 1100 lumens for only 100 grams, the SWIFT RL is the multisport headlamp par excellence, indispensable for your outdoor activities.


A very good option is the STORM 500-R headlamp from Black Diamond. Versatile for any mountain activity. C


Lightweight, foldable and functional, the Luci lamp takes up very little space in your backpack.


Lightweight, foldable and functional, the Luci Lux lamp takes up very little space in your backpack.


Discover the innovative Black Diamond Spot 400 lm headlamp, your perfect companion for outdoor activities.