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Specific filter for those people who even being in the mountain, in the desert or in a vehicle, can not be without their coffee or tea. Heat water with ground coffee or tea, let it boil and lower the net and it will be ready. The filter is lightweight, comfortable and compatible with the zip and flash stove.

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Ideal utensils for Jetboil cooking systems or meals in a bag. With long handles to keep your hands clean. Telescopic handle to be stored inside the Jetboil cooking containers.


Jetboil offers a simple and easy to use cooking system, it offers the same FluxRing® technology like the top range system without the frills. With Jetboil Zip you can provide hot food and drinks quickly and conveniently when you want them the most. Compact and lightweight, ideal for outings of several days. Cartridge not included. 


Perfect to prepare something hot anywhere and anytime. The gas stove Jetboil flash with the canister included is an all in one, it includes the burner and a 1 litre canister. A small tripod will give more stability to the cartridge (cartridge not included).


Stainless steel holder for Jetboil stoves. Compatible with all the models except Joule and Helios models. It perfectly fits to the FluxRing pans. It also holds Sollas, casseroles and more Jetboil accessories.


Jetbolil Hanging Kit, The hanging kit connects securely to your Jetboil burner, making it easy to hang your burner when needed. Use the hanging kit to suspend the Zip, Flash, MicroMo, MiniMo and SUMO cooking systems. Not for use with Jetboil MightyMo, Joule, cookware, and accessories.